What our Clients Say

“It was really nice the way they treated me. They are very kind so I am looking forward to going back.” – Hugo M. 

“I found my new dentist. This is the best experience I have ever had… never had a dentist so hands on, and her assistant… WOW!” – Kim R.

“My first visit today was by far the best dental experience I have had in my life.” – Brandon S.

“I’ve struggled for years with a root canal. Moved here to OP and found Biria Dentistry and my mouth has not felt this good in 3 yrs. I absolutely recommend Biria Dentistry, outstanding job!”                    -Darrin S.

“Peaceful Place. I would recommend to family and friends. Dr. Biria is good at handling treatments.” -Raghuveer T.

“Our family is so happy that we found Biria Dentistry. The office is convenient and welcoming, and the staff is both friendly and professional. Thanks to Dr. Biria and her staff for making our visits to the dentist so pleasant!”   -Ruth P.